Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fish Lake

A couple of my siblings (Heidi and Steven), my parents and I took a trip to Fish Lake in August. Steven's cute wife, Becky, has a family cabin there and they are nice enough to let us stay in it sometimes.
This was the only picture Heidi would let me take, so I'm posting it!
Me and Ally. I really wish I would have taken my sunglasses off so I didn't end up with this dorky sunburn,
Me and Michaela.
Steven enjoying his s'more
Me and Jack
Heidi getting things ready to toast marshmallow's. Can you tell she didn't want this picture taken?
Becky, George and Heidi.
Joey and Jack hanging out
Heidi and George.
Elise (Steven) she is as cute and sweet as she looks!
Michaela fishing. We didn't catch anything, but it was still a ton of fun. I'm excited to try again next year.
Joey, Heidi's youngest. I love this kid!
Max, Ben, Michaela and Ally
Jack has the most fun playing with the worms... and I really wish I would have combed his hair!
Steven, Heidi, Grandpa and the back of Ally

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