Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Michaela's Baptism

Michaela got baptised on October 31, 2008. Her Uncle Tim baptised her and confirmed her. It was a really nice day, and she looked beautiful in her white dress.
Michaela waiting for everyone to get to the church.
Ally and Michaela
Mark and Jack... Jack looks happy to be there doesn't he?
Hailey, Kaitie and Michaela
Elise and Michaela
Ally, Carlie, Michaela and Hallie - or the pretty girls as Jack likes to call them.
Jack and Alex
Micaela and her step-sister Emily (Dad's wife)Uncle Tim and Michaela right before she goes in the water.
Michaela standing at the door of the Baptismal Font.
Just getting out of the water.
She looks happy... and cold!
Uncle George (Heidi's husband)
Michael and Danelle (dad and step mom)
Grandpa Heumann, my dad
Rick Ward
Aunt Heidi and Joey
Grandma Heumann, my mom
HeatherAunt Lithia and Gail All of the kids....

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