Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh, to be 3 again

Dear Edward,

Went to Walmart and bought my little guy a new pair of shoes. I love Walmart, white trash people like me usually do. He picked out a pair of Lightning McQueen shoes. They are everything I hate about little kid shoes. They are character shoes... and they have velcro. Velcro really doesn't belong on anything except maybe a kindergarten art project. The best part about these shoes is... drum roll please... they glow in the dark. This was an added benefit we didn't know existed until we got home. He spent a large part of the night in the bathroom with the light off. He has big plans for these shoes. When he goes to see his dad he is going to show him that they glow in the dark. And then he wanted to show everyone at preschool - which is actually day care, but white trash people like me say preschool to make them selves feel better about sending their child to daycare... it works - his new shoes. The only time I get that excited is when my bank account is not in in the negative. Oh, to be 3 again.
PS - the picture is blurry - my camera stinks!


Anonymous said...

Hey mom i love your blog it is so cute.

SingledOut4 said...

You are so cute.