Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dear Edward,

By just reading the title everyone who is anyone knows what Edward I'm referring to. Pathetic. I'm infatuated with a fictional character. A Vampire.

I was reading the most witty and well written blog today. If I were cool she would be my friend.( She is a sister to a wonderful person I work with. She named her blog. She started out just writing, Dear Blog, as a way to poke fun at those of us who would write Dear Diary in the yester-years. I was never one of those... I said Dear Tasha. Just as lame. But it got me thinking... good idea. I makes it feel like I'm actually addressing someone. Although I guess I could just say something like : Dear World, or Dear Susan (who is my sister who I'm sure has better things to do than read this), Dear Nobody - because nobody reads me. Any-who, I'm going to name this blog Edward. I love him because #1 a woman is the one who made him alive on the pages of the book I love so dearly, and #2 if he does exist I'm going to marry him. Delusional.


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