Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sad news

I'm very sad to report that there will be no wedding.

I know there is a silver lining somewhere, and I will find it.

My kids are devastated, but I'd rather he back out now than in a few years.

To say that it wasn't exciting to have someone in my life, that brought a lot of good things into it, would take away from the 11 months that I loved him.

He is not a bad guy, and probably never will be, he just isn't the guy for me.

Life will go on...


Commchick said...

I'm sorry for your kids' disappointment, but like you said, it's better he do it now than a few years down the road. You will find the right one for you, he's out there waiting for you, and he will be worth it. Just look at this as a growing experience for you and your children, and one that might bring you closer together.

cynthia said...

i am so sad for your heartache laurie. know i am thinking about you.