Monday, December 8, 2008


Nothing says playing in the leaves like your pajamas and a Burger King crown!

Guess who is sleeping in his own bed now?

The kids had to go to the bathroom every 30 min on our way to Seattle. This was one of the "nicer" places we stopped. YIKES!

The kids at the hotel in Penelton, Oregon - on our way to Seattle.

This is the overpriced cupcake place we went to in Seattle. It's called Trophy Cupcakes. $3.99 for a regular sized cupcake... I'm to practical for that (however, I did get 3 - it was the peer pressure). Martha Stewart featured it on her show, so we had to go.

Pikes Fish Market. This is the famous place that they throw the fish...

HUGE, nasty fish.

This is for Steve.

Allyson at Ivars. You have to go to Ivars and get the clam chowder if you ever go to Seattle. YUMMY!

We went to the XXX Root Beer, it was featured on Food Network. This place was so much fun! Get your minds out of the gutter, it is a hamburger restaurant.

I ordered a root beer float. It was HUGE!! Everyone else ordered one and shared them.

My sister Heidi enjoying her's - I wonder if George got any...

Steve got a hamburger as big as his head, literally. He ate the entire thing.

David and Stephanie.

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Theresa said...

Looks like fun. You guys look like you had fun.