Monday, January 17, 2011

It's because I'm really getting married this time


That's right.

I'm getting married in 11 days.

I'm really excited, and for the first time in my life I know 150% I'm making the right decision. He is the perfect one for me, and I'm so grateful for the hard choices that I've had to make that have lead me to where I am right now.

I have such gratitude that I listened to the inner voice - that I like to call the spirit - and didn't go through with the marriage plans with the "other guy" because that would have been another huge mistake.

I knew that there was someone out there for me and I wasn't going to worry about it anymore. I made a deal with Heavenly Father that I would put myself in situations that I could meet him, but he had to send someone that would want to do some of the work. I knew that I was finally in a place where I could contribute to a relationship and be a really good partner.

I had joined an on line dating site and had met some pretty nice guys - and a lot of odd ones. I had seen Wade's picture and sent him a "flirt". A few minutes later he emailed me. We went back and forth a few times in the next hour or so and I decided to give him my cell phone #. The reason I did this was because a lot of guys are flaky and once you give them your phone number they back off. I thought that either he would text or call me, or he wouldn't - but at least I'd know.
He texted immediately.

That was surprising.

He was funny and I liked him.

He called me that same night and we talked until 2 in the morning. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm the kind of person that what you see is what you get, and I really expect the same out of others. We talked about everything. He wasn't sketchy or dumb. He wasn't trying to be cool, and because of that I thought he was. When he talked about his family and his kids I knew this was someone I wanted to get to know.

Friday we talked all day. Saturday we went on our first date (best date I'd been on in a very long time). We hung out Sunday and by Monday I told the girl I sit next to at work that I was going to marry him someday.

And I am.

In 11 days.


katie said...

Laurie I am so excited you. you seem so happy. Congrats girl!!

Jessie said...

Awwww, Laurie! I am SOOO happy for you! You deserve the best!!! (Has he seen the hillbilly teeth? And the butthole/smoker lady lips? Ha ha!) We really need to get together sometime and catch up. LOVE YOU!!!

Chasity said...

congrats girl!!!

{connie} said...

love this laurie!!

so glad you waited and found your prince charming.

love you!!