Monday, September 29, 2008

Things in my bed

I don't like things in my bed. I hate crumbs, toys. paper - but mostly I do not like kids in my bed. Jack always has to sleep with me. I. Do. Not. Like. It. He is a bed hog. He kicks, hits and has been known to punch. He looks so little and cute. Harmless. Ya right. Here he is, asleep, assuming the position of king of the queen sized castle. The bed is called queen sized - I'm the queen. I also noticed he has chocolate or something on his face. Bad mom. Below is the second case in point. She looks so sweet and innocent. But when she sleeps she is the tornado and you are the double-wide. Bad. Very bad. The crown is very appropriate.
Here is Ally. Out of the other two -if I had to pick - it would be her. She is not as crazy. Human heater. She is the sweet one. If you tell her to move she will.
The next time I wake up in the morning more tired than I was when I went to bed - I would like it to be because of someone I didn't give birth to. A girl can dream... but not with them in the bed.


Batistas said...

I´m glad that I finally got to see pics of them...super cute kids! I totally agree with bed monsters. I have never understood how parents can sleep with their wiggly kids! I need space. Diego and I are sharing a full size bed right we are not small people. One night we ended up with Ryan and Aitana in bed with us. Needless to say it doesn´t quite add up!

cyn the win said...

i have NEVER let me kids sleep in my bed. my mom never let us, and i don't let them, all for the reasons you stated.

i laughed hard at the double-wide analogy. ha!

SingledOut4 said...

I never used to let them either, but then 2 summers ago they went to their dad's for the first time for the entire month of July. Jack was barely 2 at the time and when he came home he was ruined. He would not sleep at night and had huge abandonment issues. It took me almost 10 months to get him to go to sleep without me in the room. And then this summer happened.... Here we go again! Divorce sucks!

Theresa said...

Ashlyn, Deb's daughter, is totally like that, a bed hog. When she would spend the night or when she begs me to spend the night, she's kicking me all night. She'll get in bed and pretend to be asleep so you wont kick her out.

Rebecca said...

Your kids are beautiful!