Monday, September 22, 2008

First Crush

Dear Edward,

We went to a reunion on Saturday night with friends from my old ward that I grew up with. There is this guy, Mont Parish, that EVERY girl in the entire stake has a crush on – including me. To look at him now you you can see that he is still handsome– but back in the day he had it going on.

He is 5 years older than I am but I remember when he came home from his mission I sat at the edge of my seat when he gave his home coming talk. He went to Ireland (I think) and trucks there are called Laurie’s – when he said that I about died. I had dreamed that he would find me irresistible and wait the 3 years for me to become 18 so we could be married. Well, needless to say he married the girl who waited for him on his mission, Marilyn. It was a good choice for him because he is very happy and now has 5 kids.

I had told my daughter Heidi all about him- and the undying love I had for him so long ago When he walked in the door I pointed him out and she just crinkled her nose and shook her head - like she often does when I show her someone I think is cute and she disagrees.

Later that night I was talking to my friend Theresa, and Mont’s oldest son was sitting on couch opposite of us. Theresa looks at him and said, “Oh my gosh is that Mont’s son? He looks just like his dad.” Heidi hears this and says, “Wait, that’s his son?” I tell her yes, "He used to look like that?" Once again I answer yes. She looks at him and says to me, “Oh, now I get it.”

Now she knows that my taste in boys is not as bad as she thought it was.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

That is a pretty funny story. Now Mitchell's head is starting to swell even bigger. We really enjoyed the reunion. I spoke with Marque today to congratulate him on Leah and he mentioned your blog. Hope you don't mind Marilyn and I reading it and having a good laugh.